Bursts of refreshing tropical fruits that make you feel as if you’ve just escaped to a private island. If you have ever taken a dab, that’s exactly what our pods taste like. Our pod delivers body relaxation and instantly relieves stress without the cloudy thoughts, laziness and paranoia caused by marijuana.


Pure Full Spectrum CBD distillate with natural hemp for a satisfying flavor and euphoric benefits of indica, sativa and hybrids, with less than 0.3% THC. Plain and simple, we are the first of our kind on the market. 250MG per pod. CBD Distillate consists of CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC and small traces of THC which work in sync with each other to cause more of a therapeutic effect.

Peac Pods are fully compatible with the #1 vape device on the market. Vaping CBD has the bioavailability (how much is actually absorbed into your bloodstream) of 60-70% compared CBD Oil which has about 20% bioavailability.

Due to the CBD industry having no regulations, any company can state that they have any amount of CBD in their pods or cartridges. Fact: it is scientifically impossible to pack more than 250 MG of CBD into a 0.7ml pod. We have proved this during our one year of research and formulation developing our pods. Many companies will say 300-800 MG and unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do until the FDA puts regulations on the industry so please aware because many actually have less than 100MG (CBD Isolate) in their product.  That said, our goal is to give our customers exactly what they pay for and trust us, you’ll feel the difference after one hit… and yes, it tastes exactly like the blue dream marijuana strain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing taste! SO good

One of the best pods I have ever tasted. It makes me feel so calm and relaxed whenever I have anxiety I always take a hit of my CBD pod! Amazing product!

It's so good I can't put it down!

This pod taste like a tropical vacation! I love that it doesn't leak and it last a long time. SUCH GREAT QUALITY!